Pregnant in Amsterdam?
Welcome in our practice!

We are thé midwifery practice for Amsterdam Center, East, South and ‘De Pijp’! We are well known for our excellent medical care and our approach in which we work together with you towards a healthy childbirth. Ultrasounds will be done at our practice.

We believe in personal care.

High-quality personal care means that we guide and support you in a good and safe way. It also means that we help you to understand what is happening during your pregnancy, so that you can make the best choices and can really enjoy this special period. That is why, for example, we take plenty of time during your appointment to explain exactly how your baby is developing, what you can expect during pregnancy and the delivery, and of course to answer all your questions as clearly as we can.

Personal care also means that we tailor our care to your requirements. We listen carefully to what your ideal birth is like and make a birthing plan together with you. We discuss where you can give birth, what kind of painkillers are available and in which positions you can give birth. During the delivery we will give you room to determine what makes you feel good.

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