For many women childbirth is one of the most special happenings in their lives. For a partner it is also very impressive to be present at childbirth. During the pregnancy we will prepare thoroughly you for this by giving you lots of information and answering your questions. What triggers childbirth? How does childbirth begin? What can you, as a partner, do during childbirth? When should you call us? Read more

Preparation for childbirth

Everyone prepares in their own way for childbirth. One person likes to discuss everything with us on the basis of a birthing plan, another one prefers to attend our Seminar on delivery. There are many different ways to prepare and we are happy to help you with any of these. You can read more in the flyer ‘How to prepare for birth?’

Giving birth at home or in a hospital

If the pregnancy is going well, you may determine where you would like to give birth; at home or in a hospital. For a healthy pregnant woman the home is a safe place to give birth. If there are any complications during the delivery at home we will refer you to the obstetrician in good time. That way there will be no unnecessary loss of time. Another possibility is giving birth in the hospital (in a birthing room).You rent a birthing room in a hospital as it were, where we attend the delivery. You determine where you want to give birth, we have no preference!

Check these movies to see how the delivery rooms of the OLVG-Oost Anna Paviljoen and the OLVG-West Bevalcentrum look like.

Coping with pain

Giving birth is painful. No-one can avoid this, but every women experiences pain in a different way and some can cope better with pain than others. Now that you are pregnant you might well be wondering about it, for example, about pain during delivery. How bad will it be? But don’t worry too much about this: there is a variety of ways to soften the pain, with and without medication, at home and in a hospital. You can read more in the flyer ‘How do you deal with pain?’

Moeder na de geboorte.
Pasgeboren baby.

What we can do for you

We will do our utmost to make the delivery a pleasant experience. Thanks to the discussions we will have had during pregnancy we know what your wishes are and will take those into consideration. Because of our experience with many deliveries, we soon get to know how best we can help you. Besides supporting and guiding you we of course also take care that the delivery is medically safe and sound.

What you must have in the house

You decide yourselves what you wish to buy before the baby is born. That is very personal. You can also buy a lot of things after the birth, but for a delivery and during the postnatal period some things are essential.

When you should make a phone call

It is important that you know when to call us during the delivery and the postnatal period. Read through the list of when to call us now, so that if you have any questions, you can ask us about them during your next appointment.