The postnatal period.

The first 8 days after the delivery are called the postnatal period. This is a special period in which you and your partner will get to know your baby. Regrettably a baby is not born with instructions for use. That is why the first week is dominated by trying to satisfy the baby’s requirements. This leads to lovely discoveries by which you will learn to understand your baby bit by bit.
A lot is happening and will come your way. Various care-givers will visit you during the postnatal period. There are also practical things that have to be done. Read more

Maternity care (‘Kraamzorg’)

During the postnatal period a maternity care giver will come to your home to help look after the baby. She will do medical check-ups, she will function as a handbook for all your questions, and see to it that you can recover after your pregnancy and delivery. Look for a suitable maternity care agency and arrange for how many hours a day the maternity care giver will come to you.

Baby ligt op speelkleed.

Breast or bottle feeding

You choose between breast feeding and bottle feeding. Research has shown that breast feeding is best for a new born baby. But this does not mean that bottle feeding is a bad thing. The most important thing is that you find a way to feed your baby, based on the right information, that feels good to you. We advise you to attend an information evening about breast feeding before you give birth.

After the postnatal period

One week after the delivery you will have received sufficient information and feel secure enough to take care of the baby by yourselves. You won’t need our care and that of the care giver anymore. It is a bit scary to have to go it alone as parents, but it usually also gives you a good feeling to carry on as an independent family.

When you should call us

You can also call us any time during your postnatal period! You may use our emergency number in this period, even if your question in not urgent. You will then immediately reach the midwife. It is important during the postnatal period to know when to call us. Read more