Our Practice.

For 25 years the midwives of the Witsenkade have provided professional guidance and support for pregnant women and their partners living in Amsterdam Center, South, East and 'De Pijp'! The care we provide is very personal. We listen carefully to your wishes and give you complete freedom of choice, within the confines of what is medically possible. We do our utmost to make your pregnancy and birthing a safe, pleasant and special experience

Groepsfoto van praktijk Witsenkade

A team of experienced midwives

There are six permanent midwives in our practice: Lotte, Emely, Lieke, Laudi and Maartje. They are all very competent midwives with an experience of 4 to 12 years. The midwives are responsible for the guidance and support of the pregnant women and will respond to any medical questions you may have.

The midwives are supported by Roos. On Monday, Tuesday,Thursday and Friday mornings you can reach her by telephone in order to make an appointment or for medical, practical and administrative matters.

Financial matters are managed by Anneke.

For a few weeks a year we supervise a student midwife.

Photos of the team

The care we offer

As midwives we provide medical care to healthy women during their pregnancy, delivery and postnatal care. We guide and support you from the 3rd month of pregnancy until after the delivery, whether you wish to give birth at home or in a hospital. Also, if you wish to become pregnant you can come to our 'kinderwens' (baby fever) consultation. Read more about our midwifery care

  • A small team giving a lot of personal attention
  • Ultrasound in our own practice
  • Ultrasound in our own practice
  • Using evidence based methods
  • Giving birth in all kinds of positions (including a bath birthing)
  • Working in collaboration with all the hospitals in Amsterdam
  • Free Seminar on delivery
  • Pain relief if so desired
  • Giving birth at home or in a hospital
  • Every week there is a free “hartjesspreekuur” (hearts consultation hour)
  • Weekly peer consultation with the gynaeloog