Midwifery Care

As midwives we provide primary care for healthy pregnant women during their pregnancy, childbirth as well as post natal care. We attend births at home and in hospitals. In the Netherlands there is a distinction in medical care. Women whose pregnancy is problem-free will be cared for by the midwife. In case of complications we transfer the care to an obstetrician. Read more about the healthsystem in the Netherlands

'Kinderwens' (preconception consultation)

We can even help you if you have a desire to have a child. During the (free) 'kinderwens consult' (preconception consultation) we discuss your personal situation, your health and the health of your family. We can give you a lot of information about becoming pregnant and a good life style. There is also plenty of time to ask questions.


During pregnancy you will visit us for a check-up about 12 times. During this visit we will check your and the baby’s health. We will give you a lot of information about pregnancy, the development of the baby, the delivery and the approaching parenthood. Also, we will pay a lot of attention to your personal situation.

We can be reached 24/7 at 06–5478 8178 for giving birth, emergency cases and urgent question.

Giving birth

We are responsible for the medical care during the delivery. We visit you at home when the delivery begins. During the delivery we will coach you and tell you what you can expect. We listen carefully to how you are feeling and how well you can handle the contractions while in labour. We also continuously monitor your health (by external examination and the heartbeat of the baby) and how the delivery is progressing (by internal examination). On the basis of this we consider the situation and make a plan with you, taking your wishes into account.

During the delivery we are supported by a maternity caregiver -kraamzorg- (for a home delivery) and a hospital nurse (in a hospital). If necessary we will coordinate the care with the hospital, for instance if you want pain relief or if there is a complication.

Post Natal

After giving birth we will visit you about 3 times to check the health of the baby and how you are recovering after the delivery. We will discuss in some detail how you have experienced the delivery and how you are coping with parenthood. We will also advise you about (breast) feeding your baby and give you (and the maternity caregiver) practical tips.

The obstetrician

If a pregnant woman has a (serious) existing disorder or develops this during pregnancy, we will hand over the care to an obstetrician. This can be for a single consultation after which we will take on the care again for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Some reasons for handing over are:

  • Twins
  • Pain relief during the delivery
  • (pregnancy) diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Breech presentation
  • Too large or too small a baby
  • Heart or kidney problems
  • Serious psychiatric problems

If we hand you over to an obstetrician he/she will take on the care. This means that we are no longer actively involved in your pregnancy or delivery. We will take over the care again during the postnatal period.