During pregnancy you come to our surgery for check-ups. We can then assess the growth of the baby and whether your body can adapt well to the changes that come with pregnancy. And if you have any questions there will be plenty of time during surgery to discuss these. We always check your blood pressure during this visit. In case it is necessary we will check your weight and possibly your blood and urine. We will also discuss any complaints you may have.

During every check-up we will also give you information. This is always geared towards the specific period of pregnancy where you are at that moment. No one knows better that we do how important it is to be able to get answers to all your questions. That is why there is always plenty of time during surgery to ask your questions.

‘Hartjes spreekuur’

Would you like to listen to your baby’s heartbeat in between appointments? Come to our hartjesspreekuurfree of charge.

The first check-up

The first time you visit us will be around the eighth week of pregnancy (preferably before the 11th week of pregnancy). During this first check-up of 45 minutes we will ask you a lot of questions in order to get a picture of your health and the health of your family, and your wishes as to your pregnancy. Based on that we will make a care plan together with you.

As well as asking you all these questions we will give you a lot of advice about what you should and should not eat during pregnancy and tell you what you should arrange and apply for during pregnancy. We will also tell you about the possibility of prenatal testing, e.g. Screening for Down’s syndrome and The anomaly scan during pregnancy.

During this check-up we will test your blood for the following:

  • Blood group and rhesus factor (c&d)
  • Irregular antibodies
  • Hepatitis (a liver disease)
  • Lues (syphilis, a venereal disease)
  • HIV
  • German measles (a childhood disease)
  • HB (iron content)
  • Glucose (sugar content) bloedgroep en rhesusfactor (c&d)

During this first visit we will not take an ultrasound scan, as it is too early in your pregnancy. We will, however, give you a referral for the first scan which will be done around the 10th week of pregnancy (The ‘termijnecho’)

Do not forget

Please bring to your first check-up:

  • Identity papers
  • The names of any medication you may be using
  • If there are any hereditary diseases in your family, bring the names along
  • A list of questions you would like to put to us.

Bloedprikken bij zwangere.

Follow-up check-ups

During pregnancy you will have approximately 11 follow-up check-ups, each one with a duration of about 15 minutes. During each check-up we will measure your blood pressure and assess the growth of your baby. You will be lying on the examination couch and we will feel the growth of the womb and the baby with our hands. From 14 weeks of pregnancy on we will also listen to the baby’s heartbeat. If necessary we will also do an extra blood and urine check. Of course there is also time for questions during each check-up and we will give you information on miscellaneous subjects.

On average, women come to the first check-up at 8 weeks, around 14 weeks for the second check-up and thereafter at 18, 24, 28, 30, 32, 35 and 37 weeks. After 37 weeks you will come every week until delivery. This is a standard visit-schedule. However, during your pregnancy we will adapt this to your personal circumstances and possibly plan further appointments. If there are questions, complaints or problems before the next check-up you can always visit us sooner, if necessary also on the same day!

Family, friends or children are always welcome to come along to the check-up!

Free of charge

Hartjesspreekuur, location Witsenkade

‘Hartjespreekuur’ (consultation hour for listening to the baby’s heartbeat)
For many women the first period of pregnancy is the most exciting (tense). Because you can’t feel the baby moving yet and complaints like morning sickness can get less after 12 weeks, some women start to worry whether everything is ok with the baby. Then it can be soothing to come and listen to the baby’s heartbeat.

We can let you hear the baby’s heartbeat at our surgery from 14 weeks of pregnancy on. That is why we have a ‘hartjesspreekuur’ every week (a first in Amsterdam!).

Monday from 12:30–13:00 on the Witsenkade
Friday from 12:30–13:00 on the Lindengracht

You don’t have to make an appointment for this. It is an extra service we offer outside your regular check-ups.

Luisteren naar hartslag van baby.


Oftentimes, we have an intern from a midwifery school in our practice. The intern will be under constant supervision of one of the midwifes. Depending on her level, she will perform various midwifery activities.

If you would rather not have the intern present during checkup or delivery, please indicate so to us. For more information, please see the website of the Midwife Academy Amsterdam. Currently there is no student.