Terms and conditions

Terms of payment

Midwifery care is covered by the standard insurance package (Basispakket) and will therefore be completely reimbursed all the insurance companies. This means that our care is paid for by the insurance. A delivery in a hospital without a medical referral (delivery in a birthing room) will not be covered by some insurance companies.

If you are not insured you will have to pay yourself. You can make an arrangement about the payment with us.

The terms of payment have been decreed by the Nederlandse Organisatie van Verloskundigen (the Netherlands association of midwives), statutorily established in Utrecht, filed in the provincial council offices of the district court in Utrecht on June 21 1996, under number 165/1996.

The following conditions hold for complete or partial midwifery care, extended by a midwife or her/his substitute:

Term of payment

Payment for the extended midwifery care must be made within 30 days from date of invoice by the client to the midwife in whose care she was in connection with her pregnancy, without any deduction, adjustment or discount.


If the term of payment has been exceeded, the client will be considered, without further notice, to be in default. After the due date of the invoice the client will be charged a monthly interest of 1% over the outstanding debt, taking into account that part of a month will be charged as a whole month.

If the client continues to default after a summons to pay, all judicial and extrajudicial costs the midwife has to make to get complete payment without further default will be charged to the client. Recovery costs amount to a minimum of 15% of the claim plus the VAT charged over the costs that the midwife cannot deduct. Recovery costs include the cost of legal assistance, calling in a debt recovery agency, a bailiff or a lawyer.


In order to assess the amount that the client owes, administrative data of the midwife are decisive, unless the client offers explicit proof of the opposite.

Dispute resolution

All disputes resulting from an agreement, subject to these terms and conditions, will be submitted to the competent magistrate in the domicile of the debtor. In case the magistrate has no competency in this dispute, the midwife is justified to bring the case before the competent judge in Utrecht.


© Nederlandse Organisatie van Verloskundigen(the Netherlands association of midwives) in Bilthoven, February 1998. Terms of payment determined by the Nederlandse Organisatie van Verloskundigen. (the Netherlands Association of Midwives)
Filed in the provincial council offices of the district court in Utrecht on June 21 1996, under number 165/1996.


This is the privacy declaration of our practice. In this declaration we explain how we handle the personal data which we get via this website. We have an exemption for the handling of this data and they are therefore not separately registered at the College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (the Board for Protection of Personal data). (www.cbpweb.nl/HvB_website_1.0/vwc14.htm)

Our practice respects the privacy of all patients and users of our website and ensures that the personal information you supply us with will be handled confidentially. We mainly use your information to ensure that our services may proceed as smoothly and easily as possible.

Gathered data

In some cases, for specific services on this website, you will be asked to supply some personal data.

We use these data for the following purposes:

  • Pursuance of our profession in individual health care;
  • Providing information and (electronically) answering your questions;
  • (electronically) supplying a repeat prescription;
  • To calculate, record and collect payment for the treatment (including handing the debt-claim on to a third party);
  • Dealing with disputes;
  • Have an audit conducted;
  • Doing scientific or statistical research;
  • Providing information to third parties – such as health insurers – based on legal or contractual obligations; het leveren van informatie en het (elektronisch) beantwoorden van uw vragen;

Finally, we record the information concerning your visits (among other things the IP-address used) for the benefit of investigating possibilities for further optimization of communication about our products and services, as well as for the security of our website.

Supplying third parties with personal data

Personal data will only be provided by us to:

  • The person(s) who is/are directly involved in the execution of your treatment
  • The person(s) who act(s) as substitute practitioner, in as far as he/she is required to carry out the tasks within this scope.
  • Researchers (as described in article 7:458 of the civil code);
  • Health insurers, in so far as supplying data is required because of the obligations set out in the insurance agreement;
  • Third parties who are charged to collect debt-claims, in so far as the supplying of data is required therefore and does not concern medical data;
  • Others, if:
    • you have given unequivocal permission for processing the data, or
    • processing the data is necessary in compliance with a legal obligation by the practitioner of the profession in the individual health care, or
    • processing the data is required because of something of vital importance to you (for instance an urgent medical requirement).


Midwifery Practice Witsenkade lavishes a lot of care to this website, but cannot guarantee the correctness of the information. Incorrectness and incompleteness cannot always be excluded and you should not accept the correctness and completeness of the information on the website unquestioningly. Midwifery practice Witsenkade cannot accept liability for possible damage, direct or indirect, resulting from or associated with the use of information, products or services that are provided via the website of Midwifery Practice Witsenkade, or the independent changing or termination, without expert personal advice, of a (already started) treatment.

The user should be aware that the information kan change without having been informed about this beforehand.

The information offered cannot be considered as a substitution of a (telephone) consultation or treatment.

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